We all depend on our laptops and to be without it is not fun. Unfortunately until they build laptop screens like smartphone and tablet screens, we will have to put up with them cracking and breaking easily.

What are dead pixels?

Dead pixels are pin sized dots which are white, black, blue or red. These defects are created during manufacturing so they do not develop or go away over time. When buying a laptop screen, companies will consider up to 3 dead pixels acceptable.

I dont like dead pixels and I know others dont either. So I have sourced new 15.6 LED screens with no dead pixels. I call then pixel perfect because they are perfect. If you have a laptop with windows 7 there is a good chance this screen will fit.

Unfortunately, it is harder to source old laptop screens which are pixel perfect. But I do keep a range of screens in stock so I can advise if they are pixel perfect.

Always ask for a pixel perfect screen, if you dont you have a good chance you may get a screen with dead pixels.

Laptop Screen Replacement